Still on the Map ! (2020 – 2022)

Portrait of house taken between 3176 and 3865 Hwy 319 Cypremort Point, LA 70538, USA, 2022.

At the intersection of urban studies, environmental anthropology, literary analysis and artistic experimentation, the Still on the Map! research project takes as its framework the study of the Mississippi Delta fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina, and approximately five years after the commissioning of a major new infrastructure to protect against the risk of a 100-year flooding. Expressed in its title – a statement of resistance and resilience chanted by residents at environmental events in Louisiana – this research project aims to describe the attachments that different local communities have to the delta as it sinks into the sea. The research trip is scheduled for 29 January to 19 February 2022 between New Orleans, Houma, Lafayette and Baton Rouge in Louisiana, USA.

Portraits of houses taken between 3176 and 3865 Hwy 319 Cypremort Point, LA 70538, USA, 2022.

“ Photography is above all for me a process of masking. You can focus on one part of reality with an image and what you actually end up producing on a massive scale is something off screen. Through an accumulation process, it is tempting then to weave a tale, imperfect, fragile with its lacks and redundancies, thus talking about what is “in between”.

Off season

Right in the heart of winter

In between two mosquito outbreaks

In between two humid and stifling heatwaves

How can one speak about the density of the air?

The thickness of the mud inside the house?

The wind rising once more?

The nine months of BP Horizon?

The passing hurricane?

The noise of engines?

The bereavement to come?

What can one experience in between two storms?

What relationship to air can be there ?

Yves Monnier

Series of photographs taken between Baton Rouge, Atchafalaya basin, Cypresmort Point, Venice, Grand Isle and New Orleans, USA, 2022.

The Still on the Map! team is composed of Jennifer Buyck: Architect and Doctor of Aesthetics, Isabelle Krzywkowski: Professor of General and Comparative Literature, Jean-Paul Thibaud: Sociologist and Doctor of Urban Planning and Development, Nicolas Tixier: Architect DPLG and Doctor, Didier Tallagrand: Visual Artist, Jean-Michel Roux, Matthieu Duperrex: Doctor of Visual Arts and Multimedia Author, Germain Meulemans: Anthropologist and Yves Monnier: Visual Artist. This project is a collaboration born within the University-Grenoble-Alpes in partnership with UMR Pacte, UMR Litt&Arts, UMR AAU-Cresson, Ensa Grenoble, Ensa Marseille, LSU.

Portraits of Cypres, HENDERSON, LA 70517, USA, 2022.

For more information, please visit the website dedicated to this project : Still on the Map!